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cyber resilience

Detect, mitigate, respond, recover, and investigate attacks on your data

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Invest in holistic cyber resilience strategy

Cybercrime will cost businesses $10.5 trillion globally annually by 2025, according to Cybersecurity Ventures* — impacting brand reputation, customer experience, regulatory compliance, and operations. Simply being security-conscious is no longer enough, nor is having a prevention-only strategy. 

Protecting businesses against these attacks and becoming resilient goes beyond protection into the building and automating a foolproof response and recovery process encompassing data, operations, and services.

*Source: Cybersecurity Ventures, “Cybersecurity Almanac: 100 Facts, Figures, Predictions And Statistics,” Morgan, Steve.

The most secure platform to keep your data safe and available, anytime anywhere

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides a single system of records across data protection, security and governance stacks, enabling better collaboration across key IT functions driving business resilience and compliance.

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Multi-layered protection for cyber resilience

Keep your data resilient and compliant with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud’s multi-layered defense in-depth, air-gapped architecture, sensitive data governance, eDiscovery, and ransomware response and recovery. 

Air-gap data with cloud backup

Data is air gapped, immutable, and continuously backed up consistent with governance policies.

Instantly recover with cloud disaster recovery

Increase data resilience and remove vulnerabilities with Druva, driving better reliability and SLAs.

Accelerate ransomware response and recovery

Accelerate ransomware response and recovery, with integrated workflow orchestration, restore scans, anomaly detection, and insights.

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Your last line of defense: air-gapped backups for ransomware

Did you know that your last line of defense is air-gapped backups for ransomware recovery? Discover how Druva can help your organization innovate your cyber security strategy and enable your business to quickly recover from ransomware attacks.

How is Druva different

Druva’s all-in-one cloud data protection, governance and multi-layered, defense-in-depth security enables security teams to recover  faster in case of data threats, legal holds, or non-compliance.

100% recoverable data, always available

  • Ensure data availability with forever incremental backup and disaster recovery.
  • Trust your data is secured end-to-end, on the fly, and at rest on the platform.
  • Manage data retention easily via policies enforced across workloads.

End-to-end security, without compromise

  • Protect data with an air-gapped, globally, and highly available architecture.
  • Manage data globally, while complying with local data sovereignty regulations.
  • Trust our certified platform: FIPS, FedRamp, HIPAA, ITAR FISMA, SOC 2

Faster response to cyber incidents

  • Isolate and quarantine potentially infected snapshots to avoid propagation.
  • Investigate and do forensics easily to identify compromised datasets.
  • Automate recovery via integration with your security ecosystem.

System of records for eDiscovery and legal hold

  • Identify sensitive data (PII, PCI, etc.) without impacting applications. 
  • Use federated search for investigation, governance, and compliance. 
  • Accelerate eDiscovery, legal hold by integrating with existing solutions.

Unified management via global policies

  • Manage policies centrally across all workloads and locations.
  • Address the needs of each persona in a single secure interface.
  • Increase efficiency with insights and recommendations.
We implemented Druva inSync, and not only did we enable a robust DR plan and backup strategy for all endpoints, but it also gave us ransomware protection all in one.

Robert Elworthy, Assistant Director of IT,
Langdale Industries

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Recover faster in case of ransomware, insider attacks, accidental or malicious data deletion.


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