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Modernize data protection, reduce cost and complexity

Data Protection as-a-Service radically simplifies data protection, improves security, and scalability

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Don’t let legacy data protection burden your organization

Data is your business’s most valuable asset and it deserves the best protection. To deliver its full value, you need to protect wherever it lives, as it grows, and comply with required business SLAs.

Legacy data protection exposes your business to unpredictable and exponential costs and operational complexity as data grows. Additionally you need to invest in multiple data protection solutions to be able to manage the diverse workloads across data center, cloud, and edge.  

With Data Protection as-a-Service you don’t have to worry about hardware or software dependencies and be able to scale cost effectively. You can, simplify and centralized management — supporting depth and breadth of workloads across data center, cloud, SasS applications and edge. 

Druva: Simple, secure, and scalable cloud data protection platform

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud provides data protection for your data center and cloud workloads, SaaS applications, and edge. Microservices based, zero-trust security architecture ensures the security and availability of your data, global accessibility, and adherence to industry’s best security and privacy policies.

See how the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud works

Manage your data,
not infrastructure

Obviate growing data protection challenges, cost, and complexity and embrace a radically simple, secure, and cost-efficient data protection platform for backup, recovery, archival, and cloud disaster recovery.

Reduce your TCO by up to 50%

Stop paying for on-premises storage that leaves you stranded. Druva offers a transparent consumption based model. No infrastructure or maintenance costs.

Consolidate multiple point solutions and complex infrastructure

Free yourself from infrastructure and administrative overhead with Druva’s on-demand scale, secure, simplified experience, and global accessibility.

Unlock the power of backup data

Transform your backup data into a business asset driving cybersecurity, data governance, and analytics initiatives strengthening business resilience.

Use cases you can address today
with cloud data protection

Regeneron: Our journey with Druva cloud backup

Bob McCowan, VP and CIO at Regeneron, explores how the company leveraged Druva to enable its cloud transformation, and manage its endpoint, cloud, and data center resources.

How is Druva cloud backup different?

The Druva Cloud architecture, business model, and experience focus data protection on the value of data, not on the value of the underlying infrastructure.

Zero infrastructure. Zero maintenance. Zero headaches.

  • Lower costs by eliminating software and hardware, and their high maintenance.
  • Take control of your costs in the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, omitting hosting costs. 
  • Forget tapes, sites or 3-2-1 copies, Druva manages three copies of your data.

Always up to date. Critical tasks automated.

  • Forget patches or upgrades, the platform is always updated without downtime.
  • Leverage the latest updates as soon as they’re available in the platform.
  • Reduce costs and enjoy security upgrades managed by Druva’s cloud operations.

A unified interface. A unique experience.

  • Use only the web interface to protect and manage all workloads via policies.
  • Control access with multi-factor authentication and identity management.
  • Improve efficiency with the insights and recommendations based on your data.

A transparent business model to lower and control costs

  • Control costs with all-inclusive pricing based on the volume of data or users.
  • Avoid surprises as there are no hosting costs or charges for recovery.
  • Benefit from Druva’s cloud operations that improve prices and availability.

Scale data up or down, you’re protected

  • Get protected instantly — it takes less than 15 minutes to deploy.
  • Auto-scale up or down based on the data needs of your business.
  • Empower your admins immediately to protect your data, without a learning curve.

More than backup

  • Protect data from ransomware with attack identification, response, and recovery.
  • Maintain your data availability and compliance to use at all times.
  • Achieve cyber-resiliency by integrating with your security ecosystem.
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