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Scalable Oracle database data protection is complex and costly

Because Oracle databases are critical components to business infrastructure, organizations place a high priority on meeting backup and recovery SLAs, data security, and retention for compliance. Yet, scaling Oracle data protection typically requires new compute and storage in both the data center and at a disaster recovery site. Acquiring, deploying and managing this additional infrastructure slows down the pace of business, especially as organizations consider moving Oracle instances to the cloud.

As organizations move Oracle databases to the cloud, they must either lift n’ shift their data protection strategy or pivot to a new architecture. Whether re-hosting databases in a cloud VM like Amazon EC2 or moving them to a service like Amazon RDS, the confidence to move forward requires predictability, reliability, and security for all database workloads wherever they run.

Protect and recover Oracle databases wherever they run

Cloud backup integrated with RMAN offers more efficient protection and recovery, on-demand scale, and a lower TCO for both on-premises and cloud workloads.

The future of Oracle data protection

Druva brings DBA, backup, and cloud teams together with a secure platform that offers the visibility, control, and automation needed to meet SLAs, lower costs, and increase agility.

Protection for Oracle on-premises and in the cloud

Improve IT agility with global visibility and control of data protection for Oracle on-premises and in the cloud (including Amazon RDS for Oracle).

On-demand scale and storage without complexity

Leverage RMAN integrations for local or direct-to-cloud backup. Simplify fast backup and recovery with the efficiency of Druva cloud storage.

Lower the TCO of Oracle backup and recovery

Reduce infrastructure, storage, and management costs by eliminating backup copies, using direct-to-cloud backup, and leveraging integrated long-term retention.

Reduce costs and complexity for Oracle data protection

Remove Oracle data protection challenges

Backup and recovery of data center and cloud workloads

Druva for Oracle simplifies on-premises and cloud data protection, reduces costs, and provides the flexibility to meet demanding SLAs.

Backup, recovery, and disaster recovery (DR) for Amazon RDS for Oracle

SaaS data protection for AWS workloads designed for infinite scale, security, and flexibility. Meet backup, DR, archiving, and compliance requirements.

Cloud disaster recovery

Leverage cloud backups to enable flexible and fast disaster recovery capabilities.

Long-term data retention

Integrated and automated tiering of Oracle backup data to cold storage for long-term retention simplifies data management and lowers costs.

Ransomware protection

Protect Oracle database backups from ransomware threats without complexity. Backups in the Druva cloud are isolated from your network and secure.

How does Oracle data protection work?

Cloud data protection for Oracle databases

Understand the benefits of direct-to-cloud backup for Oracle and see a short demonstration.

Cloud data protection that empowers database, backup, and cloud teams

The most efficient data protection for Oracle databases in hybrid IT and cloud environments.

Direct-to-cloud backup and recovery for Oracle

  • Simple and secure, RMAN integrated backup and recovery with no infrastructure
  • Deploys in minutes for on-premises and cloud workloads
  • Auto-discovery and protection of online and offline databases

Flexible recovery of Oracle databases wherever they run

  • Point-in-time (PIT) and granular recovery (Oracle and Amazon RDS for Oracle)
  • Recover from local target or secure snapshot in the cloud
  • Automated, single-step full database recovery

Radical storage reduction and efficiency

  • Eliminate redundant data with a single-copy in the cloud
  • Reduce bandwidth and storage with global, source-based deduplication
  • Automate long-term retention (LTR) and lower storage costs by up to 20%

On-demand access to multiple RMAN backup options

  • Leverage incremental merge and level-1 backups forever
  • Meet aggressive 15-minute RPOs
  • Fast copies and cloning on-premises and in the cloud
We wanted to consolidate multiple backup and recovery tools into one, modern cloud-based data protection solution. During the proof of concept (POC) with Druva, we saw a significant improvement in restore performance over the previous cloud solution we used.

Tom Ferrucci, CIO, Hope Global

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