NAS backup

Integrated cloud backup & archive for NAS

Leverage cloud backup and analytics to lower your TCO and meet SLAs for network attached storage

The volume and density of unstructured data on NAS makes it difficult to balance the costs and requirements of backup, recovery, and long-term retention. With cloud-based NAS backup, you can reduce complexity, improve search and recovery, and reduce storage and archive costs.

Protecting your NAS data is complex and expensive

What makes Druva different

Druva’s SaaS platform simplifies and lowers the cost of NAS data protection with deep analytics, global source deduplication and both auto-tiering and direct to cold storage capabilities.

Improve your NAS backup TCO

Lower backup and archive costs compared to other backup solutions. Single step turns on long-term data retention to cold storage further lowering costs. Analytics helps you exclude non-business critical data from backups.

Reduce the complexity of NAS backup and recovery

Deploy in <15 minutes with no storage hardware. Scale-out, on demand to meet SLAs using proxies. Recover files from any point-in-time backup and storage tier.

Built-in ransomware protection

Data encrypted in-flight and at rest. Deduplication conceals reference data and metadata. Isolated and immutable backups protected with envelope encryption.


Integrated NAS backup and archive reduces storage use, costs and network utilization with global deduplication across storage tiers. NAS backup without storage hardware while storing immutable data in the cloud.

Since implementing Druva, we’re now recouping costs as we don’t have to rent physical backup servers … giving us total control of our backup. This is a huge time saver for IT.

Lewis Barbour, Head of IT
Policy Services

Backup/restore any NAS device

  • Supports NFS, SMB NAS devices
  • Protect NetApp, EMC Isilon, and others
  • Parallel backup/restore to the cloud
  • Archive backups to cold storage
    (warm+cold or cold only)

Faster backups with ML-driven Smart Scan

  • Metadata-powered incremental backups
  • Eliminates repeated scans of all files and directories 
  • Accelerates backups of images and archived data

End-to-end data reduction

  • Global deduplication across warm and cold storage 
  • File level analytics and recommendations 
  • Identify & eliminate non-critical business data

Intelligent, long-term data retention

  • One-click, policy-based storage tiering reduces cost by 30%
  • Direct to cold storage archiving for large file types (infrequent access tier*)
  • File-level search across all storage tiers
*Infrequent access tier which enables direct-to-cold storage is in early release with limited availability


Unified data protection that encompasses NAS backup and archiving for long-term data retention.

How it works

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Customer story

Policy Services protects physical servers, NAS file servers, and Office 365 with Druva


Druva drives cost out of NAS backup by removing infrastructure costs, maintenance and shadow storage charges


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