Druva and
AWS Backup and Disaster Recovery

Together, Druva and AWS are driving the next evolution of data protection

The cloud era is compelling organizations to move away from expensive legacy backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect their data

AWS backup and disaster recovery

Powered by AWS, Druva’s SaaS platform delivers all-in-one cloud backup and disaster recovery to deploy data protection across all workloads and data centers. The result is a solution that protects your data and manages AWS infrastructure.

We now make decisions based on our business objectives rather than the restrictions of our legacy backup solution.

Wai Chung, IT Backup Administrator

Ease of use

  • Unified platform for AWS backup/restore,
    disaster recovery and archive
  • Automated deployment eliminates
    implementation services
  • Consumption based storage pricing

Safe and secure

  • Encrypted data in-flight and at rest
  • Customer ownership of encryption keys assures only authorized users can access data
  • Primary data isolated from backup data averting propagation of ransomware

Operational efficiency

  • Global management from central console
  • Source deduplication removes redundancies across global data sources and any size dataset
  • Recover data into a Virtual Private Cloud
    (VPC) or clone VPC across AWS regions or accounts

What makes Druva different

Druva delivers global, one-click AWS backup and disaster recovery that natively leverages the strengths of AWS services. We are the first cloud-native solution that reduces costs up to 50% by removing vendor lock-in, provisioning and management costs required by legacy solutions.

Go beyond legacy
Cloud backup

Single solution that goes beyond cloud backup to include federated search, audit trails, legal hold management and compliance monitoring

Cloud disaster recovery
Recovery in minutes with one-click, cloud-native disaster recovery for on premises and cloud workloads.
Protect AWS workloads
Simplify data protection for AWS infrastructure and databases with automated disaster recovery that minimizes complexity and reduces scripts and code.
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